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Are you a homeowner in Fort Myers Florida? If so you know that the threat of a storm, whether it is a major hurricane or a tropical storm, is a very real thing. Whether climate change is or is not intensifying the number and severity of storms in our area is beyond us. But there is no debating that hurricane season affects the SWFL community. Storm damage from hurricane wind gusts and or flooding caused by storm surge can be costly and devastating. And this damage can effect the wellbeing of both your property and your loved ones. First and foremost the safety of your family is extremely important. And your home is a major investment to say the least. So protecting both of them during Hurricane season in Southwest Florida is of the upmost importance.

Luckily, there are no shortage of storm solutions, contractors, and resources available to homeowners in the area. This guide will overview some different solutions for protection against devastating storms.

Hurricane protection products are designed to:

  1. Protect both your family and your property from wind gusts and flying debris by
  2. Reduce the amount of damage to your home, its windows and other vulnerable areas
  3. And as a result reduce the amount of repair needed after a storm

Different types of storm protection solutions

As mentioned above, there are plenty of solutions to choose from when it comes to protecting your home and limiting storm damage. These include impact windows and doors, permanent, custom storm shutters, temporary solutions like storm panels, and impact resistant screens. We quickly discuss each of these below.

Impact Windows and Doors

Tinted impact windows installed on a home.

Impact windows and doors are a popular solution in areas prone to bad weather. They look like a regular glass window or door. But they are made with laminated (or impact) glass. This special glass is, as the name implies, is impact resistant. If your window is impacted it may fracture, but it will not explode or break through like normal glass. The glass panel remains in tact and in place. This is because of the special interlayer between the two sheets of glass, which holds everything together.

This solution offers 24/7 protection without needing to install anything. This is a huge benefit.

Some individuals go for an installation of both impact glass and impact shutters. Although this is not completely necessary it does eliminate the need to repair or replace the impact glass windows if they are struck.

Learn more about impact windows.

Permanent Storm Shutters

White storm shutters installed on the windows of a yellow home.

A permanent storm shutter is an exterior shutter system that is permanently attached to your home. There are many different types of impact shutters. But no matter the type they all serve to protect your windows and doors from damage. They do this by adding an impact resistant layer on the exterior of your windows and doors, which can withstand impacts. These are made from impact resistant materials, such as aluminum, steel and polycarbonate.

Look for impact resistant shutters that are rated for up to a category 5 storm. Also look for ones that meet and exceed the latest Florida Building Code. Another goog

Different types of shutters include the following (click on each of them to learn more):

It is recommended that your shutter installation is done by a professional and reputable hurricane shutter company (which are licensed contractors). These companies will custom design, build and install your shutter system and ensure everything everything is correct and passes the Florida Building Codes. it is also a good idea to go with a company that is able to provide service, repair, and maintenance of the shutters. And one that has its own parts and hardware department is a good idea to ensure that parts are easily available for your shutters.

If you need help picking the right shutter system for you please read our comprehensive guide on Picking the Perfect Hurricane Shutters For You.

Non-Permanent Window Protection Solutions

A non-permanent shutter serves the same purpose as permanent ones. The difference is they are not permanently attached to the exterior of your home. With these you need to install and uninstall them before and after each storm. When they are not in use you will also need to store them.

In terms of storm protection temporary shutters offer just as much protection as permanent ones.

The biggest difference between the two different options is the time and labor it takes to install them. Temporary systems take significantly more time than permanent ones. This is not always an easy experience, and sometimes it is tough to find the time and help needed to do the installation. Once a storm approaches you need to act fast. You can opt to hire a contractor to install them for you, but do note that this is an additional cost to account for.

In terms of non-permanent solutions there are two main systems. These include:

Hurricane Screens

30 foot wide, beige hurricane screen installed on a patio.

Another popular protection solution are hurricane screens. These look like a high-end sun screen system, but they are made from materials that can withstand up to a category 5 storm. So in addition to looking good and providing shade and a water barrier you will get some serious protection.

These are a bit different than the other storm protection options listed above. The other solutions mentioned above are typically recommended to protect your windows, doors, and some outdoor areas. But screens are made for outdoor spaces specifically. They are also the best for very wide openings. This makes them perfect for outdoor areas. For example, our Eurex Shutters PTX™ Hurricane Screens can be installed on openings as wide as 30 feet. So they are a good fit for large patio openings, lanais, porches, and other outdoor spaces.

Need help picking the best solution for you?

There are plenty of available solutions to protect your home and family from hurricanes. But sometimes there are so many options that it can become overwhelming. So if you have questions or want a free estimate please contact us using our quick form below. At Eurex Shutters we have been providing hurricane protection solutions to customers in Southwest Florida since 1986. In fact, we have over 25,000 satisfied customers in the area. Give us a try if you want high quality products, the best installations and truly great service.