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Looking for hurricane shutters in Southwest Florida? You want good quality, custom hurricane shutters for windows at an affordable price along with amazing service. But you don’t know where to go. If so, turn to the pros at Eurex Shutters! We are SWFL’s oldest hurricane shutter company for a reason. You don’t have to compromise! Get the widest selection of custom, locally made hurricane shutters and great service at fair prices. Trust our hurricane protection systems will protect your home and your family. We only sell Florida Building Code approved hurricane shutters.

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Types of Hurricane Shutters For Windows

We offer many types of storm shutters for windows to meet your needs, no matter your style or budget. Below you will find our range of both permanent and removable hurricane window protection systems. Click on any of the hurricane shutter types to get more information.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

accordion shutters

Accordion style hurricane shutters close by sliding horizontally and locking into place. They are easy to use and have a lot of functionality. Learn more about accordion shutters.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

eurex shutters roll down

Roll down shutters close by sliding vertically and locking into place. They offer maximum storm protection. They can also be used as security shutters as they offer amazing security protection. They come in manual and automatic versions, and they are super easy to use.

Our roll down shutters are available in electric and manual versions. Electric hurricane shutters (roll down) are powered by an electric motor with a manual override. They can be effortlessly controlled inside your home by a switch or by an optional mobile app. These truly are easy hurricane shutters!

Our manual roll downs are operated inside your house by a manual crank or strap system.

Learn more about roll down hurricane shutters.

Bahama Style Hurricane Shutters

bahama style hurricane shutters on a south florida home

Bahama shutters offer high levels of storm protection while also offering beauty and Caribbean style. They also are great for shade and UV control. Learn more about bahama style hurricane shutters.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

colonial hurricane shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters add Southern charm to your Florida home while also delivering high levels of storm protection. In addition they are easy and fast to operate. Learn more about colonial hurricane shutters.

Hurricane Panels

Eurex Hurricane Storm Panels

Hurricane storm panels are the most economical form of storm protection. They are corrugated, impact resistant panels that overlap each other to protect your windows and doors. Learn more about storm panels.

Clamshell Shutters

clamshell shutters

Clamshell shutters are impact resistant awnings that are permanently installed over your windows and/or doors. They are economical, offer shade control and are easy to deploy. Learn more about clamshell shutters.

Fabric Hurricane Shutters

fabric hurricane shutters on a pool home in fort myers fl

Our ArmorPanel fabric hurricane panels are an alternative to traditional metal and aluminum hurricane storm panels. These fabric, lightweight hurricane panels are flexible, easy to store, and easier to install. Learn more about our fabric hurricane panels.

We can help you find the perfect storm shutters for your home or business.

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Our Storm Shutter Materials

Our hurricane shutter materials include metal, aluminum and polycarbonate (clear plastic). You can find information about each below.

Metal Hurricane Shutters

Metal/steel hurricane shutters are typically your least expensive option. Metal is also the heaviest option. Steel is strong and meets the current Florida Building Codes. Metal options have a risk of rusting if not properly coated/treated, especially over time.

Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

Aluminum is strong and meets the current Florida Building Codes. It is lighter than steel and it does not corrode. Most shutter types are offered in aluminum.

Polycarbonate Hurricane Shutters

Lexan plastic, a trade name for polycarbonate, is a clear, extremely tough plastic material that meets the Florida Building Codes. Because it is clear it has the benefit of letting natural light into your home or office. Certain shutter types are offered in clear Lexan, including Lexan hurricane window panels and inserts for rolling shutters. Learn more about our clear, polycarbonate hurricane panels.

Kevlar Hurricane Shutters

We offer ArmorPanel hurricane fabric panels made from DuPont KEVLAR®. DuPont’s KEVLAR fabric is extremely strong yet lightweight and flexible. There is no compromises as this product meets all current Florida Building Codes.

Storm Shutters for Windows

Hurricane shutters are critical for protecting your home’s vulnerable spots, such as windows, from wind gusts and flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm. Regular glass windows are at risk of breaking if impacted during severe weather. But windows with hurricane shutters installed are capable of withstanding the impact of flying objects and hurricane wind gusts.

We offer a full range of hurricane window protection. All of our hurricane shutter options are suitable as hurricane protection for windows. This includes accordion shutters for windows, roll down shutters, storm panels for windows, fabric shutters, and more.

Hurricane Shutters for Doors

Protecting your doors during a hurricane is similar to protecting your windows. Doors create vulnerable spots on your home during severe weather. Like windows they are susceptible to damage or even breaking when impacted by flying debris and severe wind gusts. Doors with hurricane shutters installed can withstand flying debris and hurricane force wind gusts.

Hurricane shutters can be used to protect sliding glass doors, patio doors, exterior french doors, entry doors, and more.

Some popular options are accordion shutters, roll down hurricane shutters, and storm panels. Rolling shutters also provide security for your sliding glass doors, patio doors, entry doors, front door, etc.

Hurricane Shutter Installation & Repair Services Near Me

shutters condo southwest florida Contact us if you need help with installing, repairing or maintaining your storm shutters. Need help installing your storm panels? We offer an annual hurricane panel installation service. In addition we offer hurricane shutter repair and maintenance services throughout Southwest Florida regardless of which brand products you have.

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Hurricane Shutter Parts Near Me

Looking for hurricane shutter parts & hardware in Lehigh Acres or anywhere else in Southwest Florida? We carry a full inventory of replacement parts if you are looking to repair or maintain your storm shutters yourself.

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Why Choose Eurex Hurricane Shutters?

eurex hurricane shutters on a houseWe’ve been protecting Southwest Florida since 1986 (35 years).

There’s a reason why we have over 25,000 satisfied customers.

Here’s why you can feel good about working with us:

  • Our shutters provide the highest quality and value in Southwest Florida
  • All our products are manufactured locally in Lehigh Acres and installed by local technicians
  • Eurex Shutters’ hurricane shutters have the industry’s most complete warranty (20 years and transferrable)
  • Get personalized, friendly service. Our customers are our #1 priority. We have over 25,000 satisfied customers for a reason!
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What are hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters are impact resistant coverings that protect the vulnerable spots of your property, such as windows, doors, screens, and more. They protect your home’s weak spots from wind and flying debris during a hurricane or other severe weather.

Learn more in our article What are hurricane shutters?

How do hurricane shutters work?

Hurricane shutters protect the “envelope” of your home. In other words, they protect any glass opening that may be at risk of damage by flying debris. Hurricane shutters are installed or put on before a storm happens.

What are permanent hurricane shutters?

Shutters can be either permanent or non-permanent. Permanent varieties are permanently attached or installed on your home. They do not need to be installed and uninstalled before and after each storm.

Learn more in our article that covers what are permanent storm shutters?

What are hurricane shutters made of?

Most of our storm shutters are made of aluminum. We also offer clear hurricane shutter options, including our roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, and storm panels. Our roll down shutters are also available in a “fabric” form.

See our article that goes over different hurricane shutter materials.

How much do hurricane shutters cost?

The cost of hurricane shutters range anywhere from $12 a square foot to $50 per square foot. Metal and aluminum storm panels are low cost options, and Colonial, Bermuda (Bahama) and Rolling shutters are on the higher end.

See how much each shutter type costs in our in-depth guide: How much do hurricane shutters cost?

What are the best hurricane shutters?

The best hurricane shutters depend on your budget and needs. If you want the most economical option then storm panels are a good fit. If you want an option that looks great than Colonial or Bahama are good choices. If you want high functionality and ease of use then roll shutters are a good pick.

Read our article entitled: What are the best hurricane shutters to get recommendations for different situations and budgets.

What is better? Impact resistant windows vs hurricane shutters?

Both options have their advantages.

Impact glass offers 24/7 protection without having to install and uninstall before a storm. Impact glass has a higher price vs. shutter options.

Hurricane shutters protect glass openings and are a bit less expensive vs. impact glass. However, they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Read more about deciding between impact resistant windows vs hurricane shutters.

When do I need to use hurricane shutters?

All new construction and pre-existing homes need some form of hurricane protection. Any “glass” opening on a home has the potential to break during a storm. This allows wind and rain to enter the building. These are the openings that should be protected. Other uses would be to enclose Lanais so that they are protected from the elements.

When do I put up storm shutters?

Typically, it depends on if you are a full-time or seasonal resident. In general, installing shutters a few days in advance of a storm is sufficient. Seasonal residents many times will close or install their shutters at the start of hurricane season in June. Then they take them down in November. Some of our shutters like Accordions and Roll-Downs only take a few minutes to use.

Learn more details on when to put up hurricane shutters.

How do I install hurricane panels?

Hurricane panels need to be installed and uninstalled before each storm. Although the process is fairly straight-forward it does require time and energy so knowing how to install panels is important.

If you have never installed storm panels before or need guidance please see our instructions on how to install hurricane shutters panels.

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