Blending Uniformity and Protection are one of the main focuses when it comes to Storm Protection on Condominiums and in Home Owner’s Associations.

We at Eurex Shutters pride ourselves at working closely with Boards and Associations to make sure that all their needs are fulfilled.

Some of the main issues that we try to cover are:

Standards and Regulations:

We work closely with Boards to abide by their guidelines when installing hurricane protection. We can also help a Board or Association set guidelines for the future, so that the buildings will be uniformly protected.



Being able to go to one company for all your storm protection needs is critcal when a storm approaches. Eurex Shutters is able to handle any kind of a job, whether its an entire development, or doing swing stage work on a high rise. Being a local firm, you can always trust Eurex Shutters to repsond quickly to any need you may have.



Eurex Shutters wants to make sure that our customers are able to enjoy the most reasonable prices in the market. We offer an excellent group discount program, that is perfect for Associations and Condominiums.



Insurance in Florida is at an all time high. Adding storm protection to your home or condominium can greatly decrease the cost of living in Florida. We work closely with all our customers to make sure that they are provided with exactly what they need for their insurance providers.