Replacing your home’s old windows with impact hurricane windows has many benefits. Impact windows provide hurricane protection, beauty, and convenience. They can also help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums. In addition, they can boost your home’s curb appeal, make it more comfortable and energy efficient, and also reduce outside noise. You may be curious about how the impact window installation process works. So we created this step-by-step guide to give you an overview of the process from start to finish. Our goal is that you will know exactly what to expect.

Step 1: Research Different Hurricane Window Companies and Get Quotes

We recommend that you research and receive quotes from multiple impact window installers. The price and process will differ from one impact window company to the next.

At Eurex Shutters, our hurricane window installation process starts with a free in-home estimate. Scheduling your in-home estimate is easy. You can schedule one by calling (239) 369-8600 or contacting us through the window installation estimate form below.

During the estimate one of our owners will personally meet with you at your home.

First, we will ask you a few questions to determine:

  1. your goals and preferences for your impact window installation
  2. the type and number of windows you want to install

Next, we will walk around your home to take preliminary measurements of your windows and doors. We will also make helpful recommendations.

After we take measurements, our team member will go over different window product options with you. Product options include things like different frame materials (aluminum frame windows vs vinyl), different types of impact glass, and more.

Our company will provide a quote based on the number of windows and doors you need, their sizes, and the specific product options you choose. And if you change you mind later, don’t worry. We can revise the quote for you as necessary.

We recommend you get quotes from multiple impact window companies. This will allow you to compare not only the prices, but the products and the different companies better.


Next you will need to select a company to install your windows.

Research each company’s credentials and reputation

As stated earlier, we recommend you research each company you got a quote from before picking one. This includes checking their online reputation, reviews and testimonials, license status, and more.

You want to select a licensed, reputable window replacement company, that uses high quality products and tools, has highly experienced installation technicians, and offers great customer service. You will also want to select a company that offers fair pricing.

Consider the products each company installs

In addition, you want to make sure you select a company that installs high-quality windows. For instance, our company is a proud supplier of Eastern Architectural Systems‘ BERTHA™ line of Impact Windows and Doors. These products are renowned in the industry for their high quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Read our detailed buyer’s guide to learn more about how to compare and find the best impact windows.

Select an installation company and next steps

You should review the different estimates you have and consider the research you have done on the reputation of the different companies. Then you can pick a window installation company to install your new impact windows and doors.

Once you select the company you will pay a deposit to start the project and order the materials.

If you choose our company we will contact you to schedule a time for our team to come and take precise measurements. We will also provide instructions on how to make the project deposit and information on next steps, timeline, and expectations.

Man shaking a woman's hand.

Step 3: We Secure Permits and Approvals

After your deposit is received we will begin the approvals process. This includes applying for permits with the proper government bodies.

If necessary, this step may also include getting the proper approvals from your home owner’s association (HOA).

Woman typing on a computer

Step 4: Your Windows and Doors are Ordered or Custom Manufactured

Next our team will order your windows and doors for your installation. If any of your windows are custom (size, shape, etc.) then we will place the order and begin the process of manufacturing your custom impact windows and/or doors.

Step 5: Your Impact Windows And Doors Are Shipped

When your products are completed they will be shipped to our facility and/or prepared to be shipped to your property. At this time we will contact you to schedule your installation date.

delivery and shipping


On the day of the installation our in-house, factory-trained installation team will arrive at your home.

First, we will thoroughly prepare your home with protective materials to ensure your belongings are not damaged.

Next, your old windows will be carefully removed and properly discarded. Then your new impact windows will be installed and all of the finishing touches will be completed.

After the installation of the windows we begin our thorough clean-up process. Our window installation technicians will clean everything from the protective materials to all dust or debris. We leave your home looking the way it did before the installation (with the exception of your new impact windows and doors).

Step 7: Company Quality Assurance & Inspection

After your windows have been installed our team leader will inspect the work thoroughly. This is an important step to ensure that every single window and door are installed correctly and to the correct specifications.

We will check both the interior and exterior of the window/door for issues. If there are any issues or concerns they will be addressed by our team before the installation is completed.

Inspection of the hurricane window installation process

Step 8: Homeowner Walkthrough

After the installation and our final inspection process is completed we invite you to do a walkthrough of the installation. During the walkthrough we will detail the work that we did.

The walkthrough step is an important time for you to inspect the workmanship of the installation. It is also a good time to ask any questions on your mind.

Homeowners inspecting new impact doors at house after installation

Step 9: City Inspections and Permit (and Other) Approvals

Once the installation is completed we will contact the city to start the permit approval process. We will schedule the permit inspection with the city/county and notify you of the date and time (range) for the inspection. At this time we will give you all the information you need for the permit inspection as well.

If you have any questions our front office team will answer them and help you understand the process fully. If any issues are raised by the inspections we will work to correct them.

Inspector inspecting entry door


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