clear shutters for windowsClear hurricane shutters are a great choice of hurricane shutters if you want to protect your home from hurricanes and severe weather but also want natural light. We have several options of clear plastic hurricane shutters made from extremely tough polycarbonate. Choose from polycarbonate hurricane panels, roll downs, and accordion hurricane shutters.

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Eurex Shutters Clear Options

Eurex offers a clear option in the products below:

All of Our Clear Shutters:

  • Meet and exceed Florida Building Codes
  • Are made of high-strength, see-through polycarbonate
  • Are light weight and easy to use
  • Qualify for our multi-year warranty

What are clear storm shutters made from?

Our clear hurricane shutters and panels are made from super tough, clear polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic that is known for its super strength and high transparency. In addition to being used for clear storm shutters, it is a common building material used for roofs, windows, enclosures and more. It is even used in aerospace and to make riot shields.

Is polycarbonate strong?

You bet! Polycarbonate has high impact-resistant. Our clear hurricane shutters constructed of polycarbonate are built to withstand up to a category 5 hurricane. According to Piedmont Plastics, polycarbonate is “30 times stronger than acrylic and over 200 times stronger than glass.”
In other words, clear storm shutters made from polycarbonate are certainly strong.

How are polycarbonate hurricane shutters and panels installed?

Our clear hurricane panels and shutters are installed the same as our metal and aluminum shutters and panels. You would install and operate them the same as aluminum or metal versions.

Are clear plastic hurricane shutters removable?

Yes. You can install, uninstall and operate them the same as any aluminum or metal shutter or panel.

Benefits of Clear Storm Shutters

Have you experienced a bad storm? So you know the horrible feeling of sitting in a boarded-up home as heavy rain, pounding wind and even wind-borne objects hit your house. This is bad enough. But experiencing a bad storm in the dark makes it even worse. Our clear lexan storm shutters and storm panels provide a great solution.

The benefits of clear lexan hurricane shutters include:

  • Strong protection: our clear polycarbonate options protect just as well as metal and aluminum shutters and panels. All meet and exceed all current Florida Building Codes and Standards
  • Allow natural light in: Lexan shutters and panels are clear (see-through) so they allow natural light to enter your home
  • You can see through them: Lexan storm shutters and panels allow you to see-through them so you know what’s going on

When to Use See-Through Shutters or Panels

Clear hurricane protection may be right for you if you want/need to:

  • Protect your property while allowing in natural light
  • Be able to see outside either during a storm or if leaving them up for extended periods
  • Leave clear hurricane shutters or panels on for an extended period of time without reducing the functionality or looks of your property

Clear Hurricane Protection Not Right for You?

Check out all of our hurricane shutters, impact windows and doors.