Eurex Shutters PTX™ Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

The Ultimate in Storm & Security Protection

Eurex PTX Roll down hurricane Shutter

You want protection from both storms and intruders to ensure that your loved ones and home are always safe. You also want hurricane shutters that offers convenience and ease of use. But you are unsure of which shutter to pick, and you don’t want to spend a fortune. If this sounds like you then you should consider our PTX™ Roll Down Hurricane Shutters. Roll down hurricane shutters offer maximum storm and security protection as well as convenience and privacy. They will protect your SWFL home and family from hurricane season and intruders for many years.

What Are Roll Down Hurricane Shutters?

A roll down shutter is a type of hurricane shutter system that is permanently attached to your home. A roll shutter rolls up and down (vertically) over your windows, doors and other openings. When not in use they tuck away nicely above the opening of your windows and doors. This allows the to have a minimal visual impact when not in use.

Rolling shutters are made from high-quality, impact resistant aluminum. They can withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris of up to a category 5 hurricane. Roll down shutters are popular because of their convenience and ease of use.

They also offer several other benefits. These include privacy and ventilation (they have vented slats).

In addition to hurricane protection, they can also be used as a security shutter. This is because they provide security protection for your home and family.

  • Ultimate in storm & security protection
  • Meet & exceed the current Florida Building Code
  • Can withstand up to category 5 hurricane
  • Permanently installed with minimal visual impact
  • Custom designed and made to fit your home or office
  • Significant energy savings, sound reduction & light control

Roll Down Shutter Benefits

  • Quick & easy to install and remove: they can be opened and closed from inside your house with either electric or manual operation
    • Central control systems available for ultimate convenience
    • Smart Device Interface (mobile APP) available
    • One button, whole house operation available
    • Much faster than non-permanent options like storm panels
  • Superior storm protection for your home: Eurex rolling shutters offer superior strength & hurricane protection
    • Protect your window openings from flying debris and hurricane force winds
    • Meets and exceeds all current Florida Building Codes and Standards
  • More than hurricane protection:
    • Also serves as a security shutter
    • Add privacy for your home
    • Get energy saving insulation from summer heat & winter cold
    • Convenient light control by adjusting the shutters
    • Excellent sound reduction
  • Multiple colors and styles to match the aesthetic of your home
    • See-through, clear plastic options available
    • 4 standard colors: white, ivory, beige and bronze

Learn more about the pros & cons of Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

20 year warranty
storm protection
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-Marlene and Howard M.

Add Security Protection to Your Home

Eurex Shutters PTX™ Rolling Hurricane Shutters can be used to protect your home or business from the toughest storms. But did you know they also can be used as security roller shutters.

They close quickly and easily. Once closed and locked they turn your home or business into an impenetrable fortress, blocking access to your property’s entry points. They can be installed to protect your windows, doors and lanai from both storms and intruders.

Roll Down Shutter Options

Our roll down hurricane shutters have many options to meet your needs as well as the look and style of your home. Below is an overview of the options available with our rolling shutter systems.

  • Manual or electric (automatic) options
  • 40mm, 44mm, 55mm, 58mm & 60mm options
  • High-grade aluminum or clear Lexan plastic
  • Available in white, ivory, beige, bronze or clear

Electric or Manual Roll Downs

Our rolling shutters can be operated in a variety of ways. You can choose our motorized roll down shutters or one of our manual options. Learn more about each below.

Or read our detailed comparison guide: Motorized vs Non-Motorized Hurricane Shutters: Which Is Better?

Motorized Shutters

switch to control electric roll down hurricane shutters

Electric roll down shutters can be controlled inside your home by a switch or on your phone through a mobile app.

Get quiet, easy opening and closing with our high-quality electric motors. Electric roll down shutters are commonly referred to as automatic roll down hurricane shutters. They are powered by an electric motor and can be controlled by a switch inside your house or even through an app on your mobile phone. Our electric PTX™ Roll Down Hurricane Shutters are available with the Tahoma system app as an option.

Electric storm shutters may be the ultimate in convenience. This is because they make closing your shutters a breeze.

Find out more details on How to Operate Electric Roll Shutters in FL

 Manual Shutters

operating manual roll down hurricane shutters

Manual roll shutters can be operated in a variety of ways, such as with a hand crank inside your home.

Manual roll down hurricane shutters are not electrically powered. They open and close manually with a crank or strap. They are a cheaper option of roll down shutter vs. electric ones. Learn How to Operate Manual Belt Roll Shutters and also How to Operate Manual Crank Roll Shutters.


Our Roll Down Shutter Sizes

Our roll down shutters are offered in the following sizes:

  • 40mm & 60mm
  • 44mm end retention
  • 55mm end retention
  • 58mm end retention

Our Rolling Shutter Materials

Our roll down hurricane shutters are available in the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Clear polycarbonate

Our Roll Shutters Color Options

Choose a color that matches the look and style of your home. We offer our roll down hurricane shutters in 4 standard colors:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Bronze
  • Clear


roll down hurricane shutters color options

*Colors in image may not be representative of actual product colors and vary based on your monitor. For actual color samples please contact us.

5 stars


-Robin S.

Are Rolling Shutters Right For You?

Roll down shutters are a good option if you are looking for:

  • A shutter that provides hurricane protection, but also acts as a security shutter & offers privacy benefits
  • Quick and easy to use and operate
  • A permanently installed shutter option that matches the style of your home

Roll down shutters are very versatile. See 5 Uses for Roll Down Shutters in FL.

How Roll Down Shutters Compare to Other Popular Shutters

Roll down shutters are a premium type of permanent hurricane shutter. They offer a lot of convenience and features. They also have a clean, sleek look that goes well with most homes. See how the compare with some other popular types of hurricane shutters in Southwest Florida:

Roll Down Hurricane Shutter Pictures

The image below is an example of what Eurex Roll Shutters look like installed on homes and commercial buildings in Southwest Florida.

View all pictures of hurricane shutters.

Not the right shutter option for you? Learn about other options of hurricane shutters.

Are you looking for roll shutters for your home in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples or anywhere else in Southwest FloridaL? See why Eurex Shutters is the oldest and most trusted storm shutter manufacturer in SWFL. Call us at (239) 369-8600 or contact us for a complimentary in-home consultation and estimate.

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