The Best Hurricane Shutters for Homeowners in Sarasota, FL

Roll down shutters on patio in Sarasota

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Eurex Shutters offers a variety of hurricane shutters in Sarasota Florida to protect your home and family from hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather. Get your home or business hurricane ready with custom hurricane-proof shutters and hurricane protection. We offer the highest quality installation, repair and maintenance of storm shutters for residential and commercial properties. You will get top-quality products, a smooth installation, and helpful service all at a fair price. Our locally owned and operated business has been protecting customers in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas from hurricanes, storms, and intruders for 38 years.

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The Toughest Storm Shutters in Sarasota Florida

Florida hurricanes and tropical storms can cause a lot of damage to your Sarasota home. But our PTX™ hurricane shutters are designed, tested, and approved to withstand the toughest hurricanes! All of our custom storm shutters are designed to meet and exceed the latest Florida Building Code. We also offer shutters approved for use in HVHZ and meet Miami-Dade protocols.

All of our shutters are made custom to fit your windows, doors, and lanai to ensure perfect fit and maximum protection.

So rest assured. Your home, family, and business will be safe and protected during Hurricane Season.

Our Sarasota, FL Hurricane Shutters Selection

Choose from the widest variety of custom hurricane shutters in Sarasota County.

Some of our many types of hurricane shutters include:

Roll Down Shutters

Roll down shutters are permanently installed hurricane shutters that open and close up and down. They are very easy to use, and can be either manually controlled or opened and closed electronically. Rolling shutters are also useful as security shutters.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters offer a lot of value (a lot of functionality for an affordable price). These shutters open and close (expand and compress) horizontally like an accordion or sliding glass door. They are permanently installed on the exterior of your home, and they can be locked from inside or outside your Sarasota home. They move along a permanently installed track system making them easy to open and close. When they are open they aren’t very visible as they tuck away neatly on the side of the window/door.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are permanently installed on the exterior of your home. They are attractive and give your home a touch of Caribbean style and beauty. In addition to storm protection they also protect your home from the harsh UV and sunlight of South Florida.

Storm Panels

Storm panels are the cheapest option when it comes to storm shutters. These corrugated panels that overlap each other and are installed over your windows and doors. They come in metal, aluminum, and clear polycarbonate panels. These cost less but have less convenience as other shutters.

Hurricane Screens

Hurricane screens are permanently installed, hurricane-proof screens that open and close vertically on a track. They are available as either manual or automatic operation. Rolling screens are very attractive and easy to use. They also have other benefits, such as very effective shade control and added privacy.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters look like regular Colonial style window shutters, but they are hurricane-proof. These traditional look shutters meet and exceed Florida Building Code and standards.

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