Aluminum hurricane shutters shown as a wide Bahama shutter on a window

Our aluminum hurricane shutters provide your family and home with strong hurricane protection and great looks. We offer many styles of aluminum storm shutters to our customers in the Gulf Coast (Southwest) of Florida. All of them have Florida Product Approval and meet the current Florida Building Code.

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Florida Building Code Approved Aluminum Storm Panels and Aluminum Shutters

All of the aluminum storm shutters below have Florida Product Approval (FL #) and meet the latest Florida Building Code.

aluminum storm panels on a house

Metal, Polycarbonate, Aluminum Storm Panels
BERTHA™ 0.050″ Panels
With or without track system
Custom fit for your application

aluminum rolling shutters on a beige home in fort myers fl

Aluminum Roller Shutters
40mm & 60mm BERTHA™ Roll Shutters
44, 55 & 58 MM End Retention
Custom fit for your application

aluminum accordion shutters on a beige home in fort myers fl

Accordion Shutters
BERTHA™ HV Accordion – Blade 3 (HVHZ)
BERTHA™ HV Accordion Shutter Combo (HVHZ)
BERTHA™ HV Accordion – Blade 1 Only (HVHZ)
Custom fit for your application

aluminum Bahama shutters

Bahama Aluminum Shutters
HVHZ Bahama Shutters (approved for HZHZ use)
Full view (cover entire window)
Approved for use within and outside HVHZ
Custom fit for your application

Tiffany blue aluminum Bahama shutters

Colonial Shutters
Bertha HV Colonial Shutters
Made from Aluminum
Custom fit for your application
Custom powder-coated colors available

Non-Hurricane Rated, Exterior Aluminum Shutters

We also offer non-hurricane-rated, aluminum shutters for exterior windows. This includes a selection of decorative, half-Bahama shutters. We also offer aluminum clamshell shutters that provide storm protection, but are not hurricane-rated.

Half-Bahama Shutters
Decorative Half-Bahama Shutters (Non-Hurricane Shutters)
Made from Aluminum
Custom fit for your application
Custom powder-coated colors to meet your design needs

Aluminum clamshell window shutters

Clamshell Shutters
Storm shutters (non-hurricane rated)
Storm protection
Custom fit for your application

Benefits of Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

Aluminum roll downs shown on a patio near a pool area.

Aluminum storm shutters are a popular choice for hurricane shutters in Fort Myers and other parts of Gulf Coast Florida. They provide many benefits to homeowners and business owners. These benefits include their strength, light weight, and durability. Their benefits are:

  1. Aluminum hurricane shutters are strong – Eurex Shutters hurricane rated shutters made from high-quality aluminum meet and exceed the latest Florida Building Code and are strong enough to withstand up to a category 5 hurricane.
  2. Lighter than metal – aluminum storm shutters are surprisingly lightweight given how strong they are. This makes lifting, handling and storing your aluminum shutters, especially storm panels easier than metal versions.
  3. Aluminum is durable and is naturally rust resistant – aluminum hurricane shutters are naturally rust proof. This reduces the need for protective coatings and helps your shutters last for many years.


Are hurricane shutters aluminum?

Not all storm shutters are aluminum. However, impact shutters are commonly constructed from aluminum, along with metal and polycarbonate. For some types of shutters aluminum is the only material. But for most shutters there are multiple materials to pick from. Common storm shutters made from aluminum include storm panels, roll shutters, accordion shutters, Bahama shutters, and colonial.

How strong are aluminum shutters?

Aluminum is an impact resistant material that is widely used to construct hurricane-rated shutters. To meet this status they need to undergo certain testing, such as missile testing to ensure they perform adequately. However, the strength of different shutters does vary. And it will depend on the specific brand, model, and design specifications each shutter. You can find these specifications in the product approval documentation.

Are aluminum window shutters good for hurricane protection?

Aluminum may be the best material for exterior storm shutters in Florida. This is because these exterior, impact resistant, lightweight, and durable given their durable powder-coated (or naturally corrosion-resistant) finish. This material is very suitable for storm shutters.

What is the average cost of aluminum hurricane shutters?

The cost will depend on the type of shutter you select as well as the size of the window, door, or opening. This is because shutters are generally priced per square foot, and the actual price/square foot is different based on the type of shutter. To get a ballpark estimate you can read our guide on Hurricane Shutters Cost.

Where can you buy aluminum shutters?

Most folks buy their shutters through a local hurricane shutter company. You may be able to find them online or in a big box store as well, depending on the type you are looking for. Read more in our guide: Where Can I Buy Hurricane Shutters In Florida? 3 Options

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