aluminum frame windows on the patio of a home in Florida.

Aluminum frame windows are lightweight, durable, and look great in any application. If you need long-lasting, great looking impact windows in the Florida Gulf Coast then aluminum window frames are an excellent choice. Find out more about our aluminum window options below.

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Benefits of Our Aluminum Impact Windows:

Durability & Long-Lasting

Aluminum frames are ultra durable and will last for many years. Durable powder coated for long-lasting appearance.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance, easy care will save time and hassle over the life of the window.

Narrow Frames

Better looking windows. Allow glass to be the focal point of your windows vs the frame.


Can be custom built to nearly any size or shape window opening.

Energy Efficient

Available in high energy efficiency, insulated glass window systems. Great for Florida.

Corrosion Protection

Stainless steel components provide corrosion protection for long-lasting operability.

Available Aluminum Window Frame Styles

white, aluminum frame picture window with impact glass shown in several shapes and sizes with window grids

Aluminum Picture Window

Impact and insulated impact glass options
Florida Product approved
HVHZ approved

white, aluminum frame sliding, horizontal roller window with impact glass installed in a bathroom above a soaking tub

Aluminum Sliding Window

Impact and insulated impact glass options
Florida Product approved

white, aluminum frame single hung, impact windows installed in a dining room

Aluminum Picture Window

Impact and insulated impact glass options
Florida Product approved
HVHZ approved

Available Aluminum Door Styles

Aluminum frame doors are great options in Florida’s Gulf Coast for use as patio doors. They are available both as sliding doors and swinging (French) doors. 

Aluminum French Doors

Impact and insulated impact glass options
Florida Product approved
HVHZ approved

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Impact and insulated impact glass options
Florida Product approved
HVHZ approved

Suitable Applications for Aluminum Window Frames

Windows with aluminum frames can be used for:


What is a window frame?

A window frame is the part of a window that supports the glass and connects the glass and window to the building structure. A window frame is composed of a head, side jambs, and a sill.

How do aluminum framed windows compare to vinyl framed windows?

Aluminum and vinyl windows are both good options for your windows. Vinyl windows are commonly used in replacement window applications, although both can be used for both new construction and replacement window projects. Vinyl windows have a vinyl frame. And an aluminum window has an aluminum frame. Aluminum windows tend to have a narrow frame vs vinyl window frames, which allows the focus of the window to be on the glass. Vinyl windows are insulating by nature, which creates a thermal break, keeping cold air in and hot air out. In turn, impact vinyl windows are good for energy efficiency, especially in combination with insulated impact glass packages. Aluminum windows are less insulating by nature, but they are usually equipped with thermal insulation components to improve their heat transfer (insulating) properties. Lastly, both quality aluminum and vinyl window frames are durable, and low maintenance.
Read more about aluminum vs vinyl impact window frames.

Is aluminum good for window frames?

Yes aluminum is a good choice for window frames. This is especially true if their characteristics match your specific needs. Windows with aluminum frames are light-weight, long-lasting and durable, and allow the focus of your windows to be on the glass due to their narrow frame. They also are powder coating with an extremely durable finish meaning they will look great for many years. Selecting energy efficient aluminum windows will also reduce their biggest knock on them, which is their energy efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of an aluminum framed window?

The biggest knock on aluminum windows is that they are not as good at insulation vs other window frame materials. This is due to the fact that aluminum is naturally conductive material. However, modern aluminum windows have energy efficient components, such as double-veined felts and insulated glass options.

How long do aluminum frame windows last?

Aluminum is an extremely durable and long-lasting material. If properly cared for and maintained your windows will last for many, many years. The same is true for their finish as they are powder-coated. Aluminum is also naturally corrosion-resistant. But make sure you select windows with corrosion resistant components as well to reduce deterioration over time.

Why do people prefer aluminum window frames in their homes?

Aluminum frames are lightweight, strong, durable, long-lasting, and have narrow (thin) frames. They will last for many years and look great for just as long. Also, their narrow frames allow the focus of the window to be on the glass vs the frame. This means higher aesthetics for your property’s windows.

What to look for when buying impact aluminum windows?

First, look for high-quality, impact windows that meet your criteria. Second, make sure the manufacturer has a good reputation and solid reviews. Third, look for windows with high-quality materials so that your windows will last longer and break down less.

What is the alternative to impact aluminum windows?

There are numerous alternatives to aluminum frames. These include vinyl windows and fiberglass windows.

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