Horizontal Roller Impact Windows in Southwest Florida

We install custom impact resistant horizontal roller windows in Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, Naples and throughout Southwest Florida.

Horizontal rolling windows function similar to sliding glass doors. They slide open and close horizontally vs up and down. They are ideal for locations where the window is not easily accessible, such as behind kitchen counters. Regardless of where you place them they are great for letting light and fresh air into your space.

A white horizontal roller window shown in a white kitchen.

Benefits of Horizontal Roller Windows

Horizontal roller windows offer several benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Impact windows are great for hurricane, storm & security protection
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to open and close
  • Allow a lot of light and airflow into your space
  • Look great and won’t change the appearance of your home
  • Customization to fit in any location in your home or building
  • HVHZ approved and Florida State Product approved
  • Can withstand up to a category 5 hurricane

Product Options

Impact glass type:

  • Standard or insulated impact glass

Frame Options: 

  • Aluminum or vinyl frame

Product Colors:

  • White, desert sand, bronze/white

We Are An Authorized Dealer of Eastern Architectural Systems Bertha Impact Window Systems

eastern architectural systems bertha™ impact windows and doors

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What is a horizontal roller window?

Horizontal rollers are a type of window that open by sliding on tracks, similar to a sliding glass door. They open and close horizontally instead of vertically like most windows.

What is a horizontal roller impact window?

They are impact windows. It functions the same as a regular horizontal window, but it is constructed of impact resistant materials. As such, it is able to withstand the impact of hurricane force wind gusts and flying debris.

A white horizontal roller window shown in a white kitchen.